Ultra Focus

Nov 30, 2015

Jon Flores

Jon again blogging for this week hope you are all having an ultra one. The game makes considerable progress as the days go by, everyday becoming more ultra. The characters being my focus and responsibility for the group has also undergone some changes. When the characters were created I overlooked the fact that the details of some of the characters would not be conveyed too well on the game. This was not until I had seen the characters being played in the game which was then we realised that some of the details looked a bit off from a far.

Take the warrior for example, the warrior had small streaks found on his shoulder guards which were a bit hard to see from afar. Now these lines have been consolidated and made the first section of his shoulder pad to the coloured part, this character revamp also allowed me to focus on the striped kind of theme for the character as it now found on the torso and the thighs.

The tank made considerable changes as the idea to his revamp was having the coloured areas inside and his armour on the outside which suggests that his armour is shielding the coloured areas. The tanks helmet also has some consolidated streaks as there is only one larger streak as opposed to the three smaller ones.

Having been able to change the details of the character was a good challenged as it made the characters more unique as they would have focus on their own theme or idea. I wouldn’t say that it was a mistake that the characters were created with possibly too much detail because thanks to that they are now more unique and each one has a more focused theme.

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